Motorhome Types. Which is best?


One question that is asked a lot is, “What type of motorhome should I buy?” There are so many types of motorhomes that there is no one answer that is right for everyone. Which is right for you depends on a number of things, including whether you’ll be living in it full time or using it part time, your budget, and personal preferences. Just as in purchasing a home, it is a personal decision. Following is a quick overview of each of the three RV motorhome types.

  • Class A Motorhomes. These are the behemoths of the RV world. They are generally large and can be very luxurious. They are also the most expensive, but are worth every penny. Class A’s are the most appropriate if you’re living in the RV on a full time basis. These rigs come equipped with a fully equipped kitchen, full bath including a shower and sometimes a bathtub, a master bedroom with a king size bed, even a washer and dryer! These RV’s offer all the comforts of home.

  • Class B Motorhomes. You may know these as Camper Vans or Conversion Vans. Obviously, they are usually built on a van chassis. These are the smallest of the motorhomes. Because of their size, they’re great for short trips, but are too small for the average person to live in for long periods of time. They are tall enough for occupants to stand up inside, but in general, they feel pretty cramped and can only comfortably accommodate 2-4 people. While they have the necessities for camping, they’re somewhat lacking in amenities. Typically, they have a tiny kitchen, living room, and an all-in-one type bathroom. Class B’s actually have two advantages over the other RV types. They get much better gas mileage, and they can be used as transportation at your destination as they’re small and can be easily parked in most garages or parking lots.

  • Class C Motorhomes. These are more like a mini motorhome. They’re smaller than the Class A’s but larger than the Class B RV’s. They’re far less expensive than the Class A, but can offer just as many amenities and can be almost as luxurious. One distinguishing feature of the Class C is the extended area over the cab, where an extra bed is usually provided. You’ll also typically find a small dining area, a kitchen area with stove and refrigerator, a bathroom, and higher end entertainment and electronic equipment. These are a good choice for families.

There are some benefits to traveling in motorhomes over other types of RV’s. Passengers should stay seated with seatbelts on, but they are free to pursue other activities in relative comfort while on the road. Meals can be prepared in the vehicle, bathroom breaks don’t require stopping at specified rest areas, you don’t have to go outside in inclement weather when you arrive at your destination, and they’re slightly easier to set up and move. The downside to any motorhome is that if something goes wrong and repairs need to be made, your whole home has to go into the shop, which means you’ll be in a hotel if you’re traveling. You’ll also need to tow a second vehicle for local transportation or rent a car at your destination.

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