Three Unusual RV Trips


You say you’re looking for a different RV adventure? Here are three ideas that might just satisfy that longing.

1. International Travel. Believe it or not it is possible to enjoy international travel without spending a small fortune. No, you don’t have to ship your RV to your destination, nor will you have to rent an RV. Instead, you simply exchange an RV. It works similarly to a home exchange, with the added benefit that, because it isn’t your primary residence, you don’t have to exchange at the same time. Both parties involved can travel at the time that is most beneficial to them. You may want to travel in summer, while the other party may want to travel to a warm climate in the winter. Plus, the RV serves as your accommodation and transportation, allowing you to experience more of the country than you might from a hotel room. There are websites, like the one by RV Worldwide (, where you can list your RV for exchange, look for an RV in a country you want to visit, provide information, and even arrange to rent or hire an RV in a specific destination.

2. Camp Free at Farms and Wineries. If you travel in an RV you, no doubt, know about boondocking. Walmart, or other stores with large parking lots are popular places to stop for a night or two. However, there is another option available. It is possible to stop and camp overnight at a farm or a winery at no cost. Harvest Hosts ( is a membership program that allows RVers to do just that. Host farmers and vintners generously allow those traveling in self-contained RV’s to visit and stay for up to 24-hours at their farm, vineyard, or orchard. You can visit dairy farms, breweries, cider mills, wineries, vineyards, farms, and just about any agricultural based business. Most do not run formal campgrounds, so you’ll have to dry camp and agree to follow a code of conduct. There are currently (February 2015) 491 Hosts, located in all of the lower 48 states, Baja California, Alaska, and Canada. Most offer fresh fruits, vegetables, baked goods, wines, cheeses, etc. for sale. You are not required to purchase anything from your host, but they do appreciate your support when you find something you like. There is a membership fee of $44.00, which is good for 12 months from the date you join. Discounts for renewals and longer term memberships are also available. The Harvest Hosts website has all the details about the program, including hosts, locations, contact information, GPS locations, etc.

3. Rent a Forest. How would you like to have exclusive private access to 15 miles of forest for you and your small party of RV campers? Ridgeline Trails in Arkansas offers just that. This private reserve is surrounded by the Ouachita National Forest and offers miles of private hiking, mountain biking, and ATV trails. It’s the perfect place for those who are looking for a quiet place in the woods. The highlight of Ridgeline Trails is nature in all her glory and beauty. There is one graveled RV pad and two tent sites. For more information check out the Ridgeline Trails website at

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